Risk Management

In order to deliver steady positive long-term returns and benefit from the compounding effect, it is extremely important to ensure avoidance of to avoid excessive drawdowns. That is why risk management is an essential component of our investment thinking.

We rigorously analyze our investment strategies to ensure they are sustainable in different market circumstances. We simulate scenarios, develop heuristics, calculate risks factors, and stress test portfolios to quantify negative expectations. We also realize that true risk resides in the exposure to unforeseen, extreme-future outcomes. We put great emphasis on building robust processes and systematic risk management tools to increase portfolio resilience to adverse tail events.

Cybertrue Capital Partners' risk management policy is closely tied to absolute-return objectives and the mandate of capital preservation. It is driven by the Firm’s key decision-makers, investment strategists, and risk managers, and is designed to make use of their expertise and profound knowledge to balance between opportunities and uncertainty, and to make the risk-taking process as lucrative, qualitative, and systematic as possible.